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Modern Studies in Paederasty (12/12)

Title: Modern Studies in Paederasty (12/12)
Authors: rainbowcobweb and v_angelique
Dedicated to: georgia_mason, who clearly has created a monster.
Pairing: BB/DM
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Highly untrue.
Summary: An AU based very loosely on the film The History Boys that starts in sixth form and becomes uni!fic after a couple of chapters. In this chapter, Dom and Elijah graduate and the story comes to a close.
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"Dom, hey, how's it going?"

Dom fisted his hands in the wire of his phone and paced for as far as the cord would let him. "Lij, I'm going to fail. So badly. I don't know anything about this, at all. My notes make no sense and I can't find my books and the files on the fucking computer won't open and and--"

"Dude. Chill the fuck out. You'll never pass if you give yourself a heart attack from freaking out about this."

"Elijah!" Dom wailed, "You are not helping! It's finals next week and the computer's being gayer than me and everyone's so noisy and I'm so frustrated and argh!"

"Dom, seriously!" Elijah exclaimed. "You're driving me insane! You've got to step away from this stuff for a moment, or I'm going to chuck you out the window."

"I can't step away!" Dom shouted, his eyes going almost comically wide, "I need to work, Jesus, I haven't done enough work, and there are things I need to remember and can't!"

"That's it," Elijah growled. "I'm buying you a train ticket to Manchester. You can take your books with you if you want, but you need to get away. Pack your things."

"What? Manchester? What for? I'll just see Billy and get all distracted and want him to fuck me and oh...is that the point?"

"Precisely!" Elijah exclaimed. "And once he's fucked all your stress out of you, you can study where it's quiet."

"Oh. Well, I, uh, all right then. I'll pack, shall I?"


The door flew open in Dom's face, revealing an extremely frazzled Billy, one hand halfway through his hair, his eyes suddenly wide.

"Dominic? What are you doing here?"

"Fuck me," Dom demanded, pushing his way into the house, wrapping his arm around Billy's neck and kissing him and dropping his bags at the same time.

"Oh.... hello there," Billy mumbled, smiling as he pulled Dom inside and kicked the door closed. "Came up just for a shag, did you?"

"Lij made me," Dom gasped, biting Billy's collarbone, "I'm so uptight and stressed and he said you've got to fuck it all out of me."

"Ah, well in that case," Billy teased, putting his hands under Dom's arse and lifting so that Dom's legs wrapped around his waist, then pushing him up against the wall.

"Oh God," Dom groaned, throwing his head back and pulling at the buttons of his shirt uselessly, "Please, Billy, please, I need you..."

"You'll have me," Billy promised, biting Dom's neck.

"Now," Dom whinged, "now, Billy, please, fuck me now." He fumbled with his buttons some more and then actually managed to undo them, letting the two halves of his shirt hang open. "Oh, I can't wait to live with you..."

"You'll have me now," Billy promised, pushing his lower body against Dom's and sucking hard at the spot he'd bitten. "All you have to do is ask, love."

"Ohh," Dom gasped, running his hands through Billy's hair, "please, Billy, please. Now. I need you to fuck me, make me stop thinking, please. Take me hard and God, I missed you..."

"Christ," Billy moaned, pushing his hips into Dom's again and trying to get his trousers undone without letting him go. "Am I dreaming? I think I must have fallen asleep on the sofa."

"You haven't," Dom assured him with a brief smile, joining the struggle with his jeans. "I'll have to leave in the morning but you can fuck me until then if you like."

"Done," Billy agreed immediately. "Put your legs down, love, want you naked."

"Bed?" Dom suggested, rubbing himself through his boxers subconsciously as he pulled his trousers down awkwardly with his feet.

"No," Billy insisted, leaning back against the opposite wall and watching with very dark eyes, palming his cock through his jeans. "I'm going to fuck you against the wall."

"Oh God," Dom groaned, turning around and pressing his hands against the wall, bending over slightly. "Come on. Please."

"Jesus fuck," Billy muttered, sucking wetly around one finger and pushing it slowly into Dom's arse. "You're like a bloody porn star. My own personal porn star, even."

Dom whimpered and moved his hand onto his cock again, tugging at it through his underwear. "Yours," he whispered, "all yours."

Swatting Dom's hand away, Billy tugged down Dom's underwear himself and curled his finger gently upwards. "Christ, you're beautiful. Going to wank off to this image for weeks. Months, maybe. Except in months you'll be in my bed every night and I'll be able look at you whenever I want. Fuck you whenever I want. Won't even have to wank, just get you to suck my cock with that pretty mouth of yours. You'll do that for me, won't you sweetheart?"

"Ah," Dom half-sobbed, "yes, Billy, yes, anything, I..." Dom bent over further and kept his hands on the wall, hoping that they'd make an imprint on the white paint.

"Sexy lad. One more finger. Do you need me to get the lube?"

"No," Dom ground out, clenching his teeth against the impending intrusion, "no, Billy, do it, I want you now...please, God, now..."

"God, you're hot," Billy muttered under his breath, withdrawing his fingers for a moment with his free hand gently stroking Dom's back. Dom heard another wet sound and then two fingers pushed back inside, not quite as smoothly as they would've done with lubricant, but enough to open him up. "I want to do it face to face," Billy said as he stretched him. "Up against the wall, like we were just now. Want you bouncing up and down on my prick," he purred. "We've never done that before."

"Oh, fuck!" Dom shouted, arching his spine and throwing his head back, pushing down onto Billy's fingers despite the twinge he felt. "Billy...oh God...oh please, just, oh..."

"Now," Billy growled in agreement, thrusting his fingers hard a couple of times before pulling them out and spitting in his hand. "Turn around," he ordered, rubbing his cock with the palmful of saliva as Dom did so.

Whimpering, Dom held one of his legs in the air so that Billy was able to pick him up a little easier, and, once he was pressed against the wall, he crossed his arms over his head and pinned them there. "Billy. Please."

Instead of answering verbally, Billy hoisted Dom up with one arm underneath him, using the opposite hand to guide his cock. He groaned as he slowly lowered Dom onto it, and once he was halfway in, lifted his other hand to Dom's hip to help support him. "All right, love?"

As a reply, Dom clenched around Billy's cock and nodded, breathing hard. "I...I can feel everything he groaned, resting his hands on Billy's shoulders. "God, you just...we...fit."

"God, yeah," Billy agreed, sucking lightly at Dom's lip as he let him slowly drop the rest of the way down. "That's so fucking good."

"I feel so dirty," Dom groaned, licking Billy's lips in return. "I bet we look--oh, fuck, yes! There!"

"You are dirty," Billy murmured into his mouth, thrusting up again and pinning Dom's body against the wall. "Dirty and lovely for me."

"Oh fuck," Dom whispered, gazing intently at Billy as they moved together; slow, deep, hard. He kept his mouth open over Billy's, although he wasn't actually doing anything with it, apart from making odd, desperate little noises. In turn, Billy growled and grunted and pushed up into Dom's body at an increasingly desperate and uneven interval, bending his knees to pull partway out and then thrusting hard enough to jostle Dom against the wall, indeed causing a bouncing motion.

"Fuck," Dom gasped, pulling on Billy's hair, "fuck, fuck, fuck, I really am the luckiest man in the world, oh, dear God, Billy, I love you, love you so much..."

"Mm, yeah, love you too," Billy gasped, squeezing Dom's hips with his hands. "Can you come like this? I want you to watch you come."

"I...I will in just...just a minute, yeah, Bill, just...bite me or something and oh shit, keep...keep going—ah!—in at...at that angle."

"You want me to bite you?" Billy repeated, grinning at Dom's frantic nod and lowering his head obediently, sinking his teeth into Dom's neck at the most muscular part.

Dom groaned in an almost animalistic fashion and began to breathe heavily, his chest going up and down. "Billy, I, nearly, so close..."

"Come on, lad," Billy encouraged, keeping his angle the same and sucking again on the spot he'd bitten, then back to the first mark that was starting to show a bruise.

"Ngh, I, oh God, Billy, I..." Dom continued to bounce up and down, covered in sweat and precariously balanced, until he finally came away from the wall and came, quiet for once as he fisted his hands in his own hair and trusted Billy to hold him.

"Good lad," Billy murmured, unable to thrust anymore but holding Dom tightly to his body, his cock pressed up against Billy's stomach next to his own erection.

"Shit," Dom whispered, his head falling forward, "I...yeah. Fuck me, Billy. Come on, love, you've broken my brain, it's only fair you break your own."

"Christ, I don't think I can... come on, love. I can't hold you up any longer," Billy admitted, slowly getting down to his knees with Dom still wrapped around him and then lowering Dom to the floor. "This okay?" he asked, thrusting slowly into Dom's body as he cradled his back and head.

"That's...oh, it's perfect," Dom breathed, kissing Billy and rocking slowly back onto him. "You make me feel so loved, Billy."

"That's because I love you," Billy whispered with a smile, brushing his lips over Dom's and closing his eyes as he continued rocking slowly back and forth, Dom's legs still wrapped around his waist. "So much."

"Three years ago, I mean, I never would've thought or...or dared to imagine that someone could love me as much as you do," Dom confided, stroking Billy's back, neck and face, "want me as much as you do."

"I'm lucky as hell, then, that I got to you first," Billy replied, opening his eyes again and looking into Dom's again, brushing his hair back from his face and kissing his forehead. "I can't imagine anyone not wanting you. You have more value as a person than anyone I know. A true gem in the rough," he concluded with a smile, kissing Dom's lips.

Dom smiled back and cupped Billy's face, just looking at him as he continued to thrust gently into Dom. "You incredible man. I'm sorry for turning up unannounced and demanding sex, by the way. You didn't have anything planned, did you?"

"Number one, there isn't anything in the world that I wouldn't throw down in a heartbeat for this," Billy pointed out, emphasising his point with a slightly harder thrust. "And number two, my entire plan for the weekend consisted of marking papers and eating takeaway. Ian might be stopping by tomorrow night, but you'll be gone by then, and if not I'm sure he'd love to see you."

Dom frowned. "What have I said about bloody takeaway?"

Billy bit his lip, looking sheepish. "It's bad for my health."

"And expensive, and not nutritious, and I am so leaving you something proper in the fridge."

"All right, all right," Billy agreed. "But I don't want you lifting a finger while you're here. I'll go to the store in the morning while you're getting a nice proper sleep, and you can inspect what I've bought when I get home, how's that?"

"I'm making you a casserole whether you like it or not, Boyd," Dom retorted, raising his eyebrows in a challenge. "That should see you through the week and then I'll let you spend the next week gorging yourself on absolute crap because the week after that I'm moving in for good and you'll only get to eat garbage like that on special occasions."

"Like on my birthday?" Billy asked hopefully.

"Like on your birthday," Dom said with a nod, kissing Billy's cheek. "Weren't you fucking me five minutes ago?"

Billy laughed and nodded, pressing his face into Dom's neck as he started rocking back and forth a bit faster. "Can't help it. You just feel nice. Want to stay here. Don't wanna go 'way," he mumbled childishly.

Dom giggled and stroked Billy's back. "Don' wan' you leave, or nothin' or nothin'," he replied, grinning.

"What?" Billy asked, grinning brightly as he pulled back to see Dom's face. "You feel nice and warm and cosy 'round my cock."

Laughing, Dom moved his hips in unison with Billy's. "Come on, Bill. I want to cuddle in bed and have you read to me."

"I promise I'm almost there," Billy replied. "Nibble on my ear like you do," he suggested. "That'll get me there quick."

"Mmm," Dom agreed, pulling Billy down so that his ear was against Dom's mouth, "handsome man," he whispered, biting gently with his teeth and licking slightly, smiling as he did so.

"Mm. Flattery will get you everywhere," Billy teased, his rocking motion getting a bit more frantic.

"I know," Dom murmured, "my sexy, chivalrous, wonderful lover." He smiled and bit behind Billy's ear, sucking a little.

"Oh fuck," Billy groaned. "Keep doing that."

"Yeah," Dom said throatily, sucking harder until a small bruise was raised. "The boys shouldn't notice that."

"No," Billy agreed in a little gasp, moaning as he thrust harder. "Ohh.. almost... almost... just there... fuck... love you... oh!" he yelped as he finally came, clinging tight to Dom's body as he trembled against it.

"Mmmmm," Dom groaned, kissing Billy's temple and stroking his hair softly, "nice."

"Oh God," Billy whispered. "That was utterly fucking amazing."

"Yeah," Dom agreed, smiling, "God fucking bless Elijah Jordan Wood."

Billy giggled and kissed Dom's jaw. "You all right then now, love?" he asked, stroking Dom's side as he finally let his legs down. "Not too stressed out?"

"Nah," Dom said, "just tired. Falling asleep in your arms and stressing about the exams tomorrow sounds like a good plan. After more earth-shattering sex, of course."

"Mm, sounds just about right to me."


"Matt! Hey! Where are mum and dad?" Dom asked, running over to his brother who was sitting on an aisle in the big auditorium.

"Mum's in the loo, don't know where dad is," Matt replied. "Are you even supposed to be out here?"

"I don't think it matters. Ceremony doesn't start for another fifteen minutes. Have you seen my boyfriend?"

"No, but I saved a seat for him so he'd better show up."

"You did?"

"Aye. I may not like him much but, well, you love him, don't you?" Matt reasoned with a shrug. "He's going to be like family sooner or later."

Beaming, Dom threw his arms around Matt and squeezed him tightly, getting all caught up in his gown. "I love you," he said, squeezing once more before letting go. "I hope you know that."

"Yeah, yeah," Matt muttered, though he was smiling as he clapped Dom on the back. "Just don't let it get around."

Dom smiled and kissed Matt on the cheek before stepping back.

"Hadn't you better go and sit up the front?"

"What? Oh, um, yeah. I just wanted to see Billy before—well, you know."

"Well I'm not his keeper. There's a bloody ton of people trying to get in from the lobby, though, maybe he's still..."

"Billy!" Dom shouted suddenly, running up the aisle that Billy was walking down with a grin on his face.

"Well hello there, lad. Fancy seeing you here."

Dom grinned and pressed a hard kiss to Billy's lips, running his hands through Billy's hair as he did so. "What do you think?" he asked, stepping backwards and twirling about in his gown.

"Well it's hard for anyone to look good in these things," Billy teased. "But I must say you're making an admirable try." Pulling Dom close again, Billy leaned in to murmur in his ear. "I'm very, very proud of you lad."

Heart and stomach fluttering, Dom smiled and squeezed Billy gently. "Thank you," he whispered back, kissing Billy's forehead. "You know what? Our offer on the house has been accepted."

"You're kidding!" Billy exclaimed, his whole face stretching into a grin before he lifted Dom up into the air, hoisting him up with his arms around Dom's thighs so that Dom's hips were at Billy's chest height and spinning him around. "That's fabulous!" he cheered, letting Dom slide back down to earth and kissing him on the lips.

Shrieking with laughter, Dom allowed himself to be put down again and kissed Billy for a long moment, despite the fact that everyone was staring at them, looking fair scandalised. "It's all sorted, they're moved out and everything! I wanted to keep it a secret until today."

"You are too bloody much, lad," Billy replied with a laugh, ruffling his hair. "I can't wait to move in. But you'd better get a move on, I'd imagine they'll be starting soon."

"Mm, yeah," Dom agreed, kissing Billy quickly once more and then running up to the front, waving over his shoulder.

Half a minute later, Dom was sat in his place, next to another Monaghan from another college. Turning around, he saw Elijah and waved, pulling a daft face before turning around and waiting for the ceremony to begin.

The deans of the colleges predictably each gave speeches on the promise of the generation about to graduate, and then there were speeches by some students, and finally they started going through the names, each graduate walking up to the stage one by one to get their scrolls. When it was Amelia's turn, Elijah whistled loudly through his teeth, and then did the same for Evelyn, which Dom thought was quite kind of him, her being single and all. It seemed like forever, but finally the man called Mockery, and Moer, and the student usher gestured for Dom to walk to the edge of the stage.

Striding forward and blushing rather badly, Dom smiled and shook hands with the Hertford dean, glancing over at the crowd and grinning, although he had a feeling he wasn't meant to, when he saw his mum and Billy in tears, sharing tissues, and both his dad and Matt stood up, taking photos. Nodding to the rest of the university officials on the stage, Dom smiled once more and then walked off, his legs shaking as he walked down the steps.

On the other side, they were rounding up students like cattle and Dom quickly found Amelia and Evelyn standing together off the one side.

"We did it!" Amelia cheered, holding her arms out to give him a hug.

"I know!" Dom replied, sighing with relief and picking her up, squeezing her tightly. "God, I just want to take my boyfriend back to our house and—"

"Enough of that!" Evelyn said, grinning and clapping her hand over Dom's mouth. "You can do that later. We're getting pissed, first."

"Bloody well right!" Amelia agreed. "You can bring him along, though. We're generous like that."

"I think he was coming anyway," Dom replied with a grin once Evelyn had let him go. "God, my arse is so numb from sitting on that chair."

"Tell me about it," Evelyn agreed as Elijah came over to join them.

"Oh good, you," Amelia said as he came over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Means it's almost over."

"Nearly, yeah," Elijah agreed, grinning and pressing himself against Amelia. "You know, that gown makes you look very sexy, my lady."

"Elijah," Amelia replied, raising an eyebrow, "this gown makes no one look sexy. You're just horny."

"Well," Elijah considered, "there is that, yes." He grinned and moved his hips forward a little, licking Amelia's neck at the same time.

"Jesus," she muttered. "Go hump Dom. I need a beer in me first. Also, my parents are about fifty feet away."

"Ah," Elijah countered, "but they can't see us, can they?" He grinned and kissed her again, moving back as he was told and holding her hand.

"When are we going to get let out?" Dom whinged, "I want Billy."

"Convenient that, cause I want you too."

"Eep! Billy! How'd you get back here?" Dom asked, whirling around to face his grinning boyfriend.

"I walked."


"I told the lad there that I'm a professor. You kids are so gullible these days."

"Shut up and kiss me," Dom ordered, pulling Billy towards him. "I saw you crying, by the way. Fairy boy."

"Not going to kiss you if you call me a fairy!" Billy exclaimed. "It was a touching moment, you bastard."

Giggling, Dom tucked his face into Billy's neck. "Well, you are a fairy. A big one. And I still want kisses and you're all proud of me so you should do as I say."

"Not if you're going to be mean," Billy insisted, stroking Dom's hair. "Congratulations, you lot. Elijah, you owe me five quid."

"Aw, shit! I forgot!"

"Uh huh. Cough it up."

"Well I haven't got any on me," Elijah said, rolling his eyes, "I'll buy yours and Dom's drinks at the pub, how about that?"

"Billy," Dom whined, mouthing Billy's neck, "kiss me!"

"What did you bet him?" Amelia asked Billy as he continued to ignore Dom.

"That he wouldn't flip the audience two fingers after he got his diploma."

"I forgot!"

"Hey look, they're done," Evelyn exclaimed.

"Oh!" Elijah suddenly burst out, tugging at Amelia's wrist. "Come on."

"Come where? Elijah, what are you doing?" she asked as he pulled her to the stage, the others following curiously behind. "You can't flip them off now!"

"What's he doing?" Dom asked Billy, following the small crowd of their friends and acquaintances out into the auditorium, all of them chattering excitedly. "Do you know what he's doing?"

"No idea," Billy muttered, wrapping his arm around Dom's waist and standing at the edge of the stage next to Evelyn to watch.

"You said after graduation," Elijah said loudly, with a big grin, as some of the parents and other family members in the auditorium who'd been getting ready to leave turned to the stage with interest as well and Amelia suddenly clapped her hand over her mouth. Elijah dropped down to one knee dramatically and with a considerable amount of fumbling, finally managed to get a hand in his gown and to his coat pocket to unearth a velvet box. "Marry me."

"Oh my God!" Dom squeaked, grinning and motioning to his dad to photograph what was taking place.

"Yes," Amelia whispered, nodding and allowing a few tears to leak out of her eyes, "yes, I will."

"Aiee!" Evelyn squealed, reaching around Billy to grab Dom. "She said yes! She finally said yes!"

Meanwhile, on the stage, Elijah was grinning about a mile wide as he stood back up and slipped the ring on her finger, and then pressed a kiss to her lips. "I knew she'd come around eventually!" he shouted triumphantly to his friends.

Everyone in the auditorium, even some of the more sombre, boring deans, laughed out loud and applauded.

"Lij!" Dom shouted, running to Elijah and hugging him, "you're getting married!!"

"I know!" Elijah exclaimed, smacking a great big kiss on Dom's cheek. "Can't change your mind now!" he told Amelia gleefully.

"Oh, shut up," she muttered, though she was smiling and blushing as Evelyn grabbed her hand and admired the ring.

"How the hell did you get diamonds, Elijah?" Evelyn exclaimed.

"Well I have a job," he replied indignantly.

"Yeah, but you were saving for... Elijah!" Amelia gasped. "Your graduation trip! You've been saving for years!"

"Yeah, well. This was more important," he replied with a shrug, looking embarrassed. "I figured if I could finally get you to say yes, some little snorkelling trip to Australia didn't matter all that much."

"Elijah!" Evelyn exclaimed, promptly bursting into tears, "Oh...my God, you..." she beamed and picked Elijah up, hugging him tightly and wiping her eyes on his gown.

"That's so lovely," Dom said, sinking back into Billy's front and smiling. "I can't quite believe he did that."

"Oh, I can," Billy replied with a grin, reaching for Dom's chin and tilting his head so that Billy could kiss him. "I know what it's like to be in love. Hard to have eyes for anything else."

Dom grinned against Billy's lips and kissed him again, slowly, glad that all eyes were on Elijah and Amelia. "Reckon we can meet them at the pub later?"

"Of course," Billy agreed. "I also reckon they're going to be a while. Want to go see your parents?"

"Mmm, come on," Dom agreed, taking Billy's hand and dragging him over to where his parents were stood, smiling at him.

"Oh, Dom, I'm so proud of you!" Aureen exclaimed when they reached her, wrapping her arms around Dom's neck and leaving Billy to stand by Matt.

Dom grinned and hugged his mum back, kissing her cheek when she let him go. "I'm glad it's all over," he said, sighing, "just one more year and then I can get a job." He grinned and hugged his dad as well, and then, finally, Matt.

"Do you want to tell your parents our other news?" Billy prompted.

"Oh yeah!" Dom said, pulling away from Matt and smiling, "we've bought a house."

"You have?" Austin exclaimed. "In Oxford?"

"Aye," Billy agreed. "We just closed on it."

"It's a lovely little cottage in a village about ten minutes away in the car," Dom said enthusiastically, taking Billy's hand. "It's got a front and back garden, and a little cellar...It's more of a cottage than anything, but it's perfect for us."

"And there's plenty of room for you to visit any time," Billy added. There are two guest rooms on the ground floor, with the master en suite on a half-floor above."

Nodding, Dom smiled at his parents, who both looked rather sad.

"Well," his mother said, "we're very happy for you both. Really."

"Of course we'll come back to Manchester when we can as well," Billy added reassuringly.

"And we're close to London as well," Dom said, looking over at Matt. "And the trains are getting better all the time."

"Well I don't know why you think I'd want to see you," Matt joked.

"Well you know," Dom said, shrugging and not quite getting that Matt was mucking about, "If you got in trouble or—bastard. Stop being mean."

Matt laughed and shoved Dom's shoulder. "Can't do that. It's my job."

"So I suspect you boys are off with your friends?" Aureen asked. "I don't suppose we can take you out to dinner later?"

"Oh, come on, mom," Matt interrupted. "They'll be too drunk by dinner time to want to hang out with you."

"No!" Dom corrected Matt, shaking his head, "we'd love to, wouldn't we, Bill?"

"Sure," Billy agreed. "We're going to the pub for a bit but we can meet you somewhere, or at your hotel, whatever's easiest."

"And we'll send you our address once I can do something fancy on the computer," Dom promised, smiling. "We'll take you to have a look tomorrow, if you like, it's empty at the minute. So, your hotel? At about seven?" Dom looked over and Billy and caught the look in his eye, as well as the hint of a smirk. "Eight?"

Billy bit his lip as Dom's parents agreed, and waited until he'd kissed his mother and hugged his father and they'd started walking toward the exit before he bent to Dom's ear. "Before or after, then?"

"Both," Dom returned, smiling, "after all, we have two things to celebrate." He pointed towards Elijah and Amelia, still on the stage and surrounded by a new group of people.

"Oh?" Billy grinned, nipping his ear. "All right."

Dom smiled and turned his head to kiss Billy gently, squeezing his hand and walking back out into the sunshine with him. "Love you."

"Love you, too," Billy replied, tugging Dom along. "Come on, then," he said with a bright grin. "Time to start a life with me."
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