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V and RC's House 'O Ficshuns

V and RC
A tale of two cities
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This is the shared community of v_angelique and rainbowcobweb. We are currently posting two finished Monaboyd AU series, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Librairie" and "Modern Studies in Paederasty." We also occasionally post (often porny) one-shots with various pairings. Both series will have sequels as well. You can't get rid of us easily.

We like Dom and Billy and Montmartre and books. This is why we are writing a fic about all these shiny things. :)

Billy is a bookshop owner who is written by V. He likes classic literature, bondage, and long walks on the beach.

Dom is a primary school teacher who is written by RC. He likes loud music, talking dirty and drinking straight from the carton.

This story was originally inspired by the History Boys and georgia_mason's squeeing, but quickly took on a life of its own. This is evidence of V's attempt to wrestle RC into writing a single point of view, and we don't always write the same characters, especially towards the beginning of the story. We think it may be slightly smoother for this reason. The characters:

Billy: An English teacher who comes to Manchester to help sixth form boys get into Oxford and sticks around a while. Likes Oscar Wilde, sketching, and pretty boys.

Dom: A shy, bumbling student who writes gay p0rn and loves cloudy lemonade. Also, said English teacher.

Elijah: Dom's best friend, a theatre buff and the story's token heterosexual.

Orlando: The class arsehole, on whom Dom spent a year or two crushing hard.

Ian: A quirky English teacher.

Cate: A History teacher, and perhaps the only sane one about.

Please note: We write in tig-style as we go and then public post when chapters are edited and ready to go. We recommend you friend the community or watch it with the new nifty watch-y feature to see when new chapters are posted. The community is closed to make it easy for us to post, but we welcome feedback and friends! Also, anything here is fiction. If this confuses you, please consult your nearest Oxford English Dictionary.

Another Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by the characters herein are not necessarily those of the authors. That is to say, even though a fair bit of France-bashing goes on in "Librairie," we love France. We really do. And RC is completely jealous of the French and their mad language and cooking and literature skillz. For realz.