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Chapter One Hundred: Happily Ever After

"Let's go for a walk," Dom suggested as the two of them lay in bed, generally being lazy and debauched. It was eight o'clock in the evening and they'd only got out of bed to let the room service bloke in throughout the course of the day. "Do you fancy going for a walk? The city's beautiful at night."

"Well as long as no one sees," Billy replied, nuzzling Dom's neck with his nose. "Wouldn't want to marr our reputation as sex-crazed honeymooners, after all."

Dom giggled and kissed the top of Billy's head, nodding decisively. "We'll go for a walk along the river," he said, the plan forming in his mind. "We can take a bottle of wine and drink it by the canal, on the cobbles. And maybe dance, that'll be nice."

"Ooh, that sounds lovely," Billy agreed, sitting up and stretching. "I suppose I'll need clothing for this excursion, won't I?"

"Unfortunately," Dom replied, rubbing Billy's shoulders for a minute then stretching himself, yawning loudly.

"All right. What shall I wear, then? The blue shirt? I suppose we'll need jumpers, it's probably a bit nippy out."

"We will need jumpers." Dom heaved himself out of bed and began rifling through their case, pulling out the infamous blue shirt, as well as a jumper for Billy, and a black shirt and a stripey tanktop for himself. "D'you want to borrow a pair of my cords? You'll get all cold in your jeans."

"All right," Billy agreed, taking the pair Dom tossed him and zipping up. "Ooh, these are comfy. Are they new?"

"Yeah, I got them the other week," Dom said, buttoning his shirt up and smiling at Billy. "They suit you, though. Think I'll make you keep them."

"Well we can share," Billy reasoned, rolling his eyes as he put his own shirt on. "Not like I wear casual clothes much anyway, except on Sundays."

"True," Dom said, pulling the tank top over his head then adjusting the collar and cuffs of his shirt. "I love your shirts and ties. There's something incredibly sexy and upmarket about them."

"Well I do laundry very carefully," Billy reasoned, putting his jumper on over the shirt. "So I can buy nice clothes and keep them for ten years."

"Mmm. Like the blue shirt?"

"Yes, like the blue shirt," Billy replied. "Shall we, then?"

"Ready and raring!" Dom exclaimed with a big grin, putting his glasses on then offering Billy his hand, which was taken. "You've got the key? I don't want to get locked out."

"It's in my pocket," Billy replied, leading the way out of the room and snatching the opened bottle of red on the dresser as he walked by it. "Hey, do you think we could get waffles? I've been in Belgium for three days and haven't had any waffles!"

"I shall endeavour to bring you as many waffles as you require, husband of mine," Dom replied, his heart soaring as he wrapped his arm around Billy's waist and squeezed.

"Brilliant. I knew there was a reason I kept you around," Billy replied, grinning as they walked to the lifts. "Hey, am I going to get arrested for carrying this around, do you think?" he asked, holding up the bottle.

"Nah, I shouldn't think so," Dom said, pressing the button to take them down once they were in the lift. "If anyone asks what we're doing with it, we'll tell them. I don't think drinking in public's illegal here, anyway."

"Okay," Billy agreed, pressing a kiss to Dom's jaw. "Because I can," he murmured.

"Mmmm," Dom sighed, his lips curving upward in a little smile. "You're my favourite person in the entire world, you know that?"

"I do," Billy agreed, "and you are mine. Convenient, isn't it?"

"It really is," Dom agreed with a smile, cupping Billy's cheek briefly then pulling him out of the lift when the doors opened.

Waving at the desk staff, Billy started humming himself as they left the hotel, swinging their joined hands. "Oh, it's actually not that bad out, is it?" he realised.

"Quite mild, actually," Dom agreed, pleasantly surprised. "Come on, let's head up to the bridge."

"What is it with us and bridges?" Billy asked, laughing as Dom led the way. "We must be genetically predisposed."

Dom smiled and squeezed Billy's hand. "We must be. We should take our next Christmas card picture on our bridge at home, what do you think? Might not be able to take the cat, but still. It'd be nice, wouldn't it?"

"I think that's a grand idea. And I don't know, Wilde would practically fit in your pocket. We could take him. The critters stay at home, though."

Giggling, Dom rolled his eyes. "You mean Matt and Maggie can't come? They'll be heartbroken, Bill."

"They'll live with their disappointment."

"Mmmm, I'm sure," Dom replied, running the last few feet until they were in the middle of the bridge. He sat down on the wall and turned so he was at an angle, able to see Billy and look out over the water as well. "This is nice," he sighed, taking Billy's hands when he sat down.

"It is a lovely bridge," Billy agreed. "Bit of a shame I haven't seen any of the city since we've been here, I suppose."

"Well we've got a few more days yet, love," Dom said, brushing Billy's hair off his face with a smile. "We'll stop the constant shagging and explore tomorrow, how about that?"

"Okay," Billy agreed, squeezing Dom's hand. "As long as we don't stop shagging entirely. Let's never do that again, all right?"

Dom laughed and nodded. "Agreed. God, one hundred per cent agreed." He tugged Billy towards him by the front of his jumper and brought their lips together, kissing him hard.

Billy grinned, sliding his hands around Dom's sides and down to his hips, squeezing gently. "Mmm. Love you."

"Love you too," Dom replied, a big grin on his face as well. "You know, mum's all excited about grandchildren. I tried to tell her that adoption was long and complicated but it didn't seem to put her off."

"Maybe she can help us research, then," Billy suggested. "We can use allies."

"Now that's an idea," Dom said, looking upwards and nodding. "Have I mentioned how much I love your ideas recently?

"You've mentioned how much you love me, so I imagine that's basically the same thing," Billy replied with a grin, leaning in and kissing Dom again. "When do I get my waffles?"

"Mmm, when I'm fed up of kissing you," Dom said, smiling and pulling Billy's lower lip into his mouth for a minute, nibbling on it gently. "So never, in that case."

"Damn. Well I suppose you are a wee bit tastier than waffles," Billy admitted, smiling and cupping the back of Dom's head, kissing him slowly with the other hand on Dom's thigh.

"Oh, that's nice," Dom whispered as they broke apart, pushing their lips together again almost immediately afterwards. He slid his tongue into Billy's mouth for a moment then withdrew it, repeating the movement several times before he smiled and tucked his face into Billy's neck.

"Mmm. You are indeed a delicious little minx," Billy teased, holding Dom close to him and stroking his hair gently.

Dom smiled and kissed the side of Billy's neck, wrapping his arms around Billy's waist. "So, then," he said, squeezing Billy slightly, "Um...I can't remember what I was going to say."

Billy laughed and shook his head. "Sorry, am I distracting you?"

"You always distract me," Dom replied, "I don't know how I ever manage to get any work done, what with your arse moving about the shop all day."

"My arse is perfectly platonic at work, I'll have you know," Billy huffed.

"That's not what it said a couple of months back," Dom said with a cheeky grin, touching their noses together.

"My arse? Was speaking to you?" Billy asked, blushing a bit when he remembered what Dom was talking about and tilting his head slightly so that he could kiss Dom again.

"You're blushing," Dom sing-songed with a big grin on his face.

"You're talking about scandalous things," Billy reasoned, reaching up and tracing Dom's smile with one finger.

"I'm always talking about scandalous things," Dom replied, his tongue darting out to lick Billy's finger. "Either that or doing them."

"All right," Billy agreed, laughing as Dom licked him and then moving his hand around to the side of Dom's face. "Point taken."

Dom smiled and let the wind blow across his face for a moment, bringing his hand up to rest on top of Billy's. "I'm so happy."

"Me too," Billy replied, smiling and rubbing the back of Dom's hand with his thumb. "You look absolutely beautiful right now."

Arching his eyebrow, Dom looked down at himself critically and then back at Billy. "Have you not seen this jumper before or something?"

"It's not the jumper, silly. It's you. And your hair blowing about, and you're smiling, and... I don't know. You're just lovely."

"Well thank you," Dom said, ducking his head a little, trying to hide his blush, seeing as he'd just teased Billy about it not a minute ago.

"Look at you!" Billy squealed as Dom ducked his head, pushing Dom's chin up with his knuckles. "You're pink!"

"Get off," Dom spluttered, giggling and slapping Billy's hands away. "Stop it. I'm not."

"You are!"

"Oh, shush." Grabbing the back of Billy's head, Dom kissed him messily then pulled away. "Let's change the subject. What do you want to talk about?"

"I don't know... let's talk about... our plans," Billy replied with a grin. "You know if we're going to try to adopt, we're going to need to find a new flat. Farmhouse is all well and good but you can't have a farmhouse in Paris."

"True," Dom agreed, grinning and shifting about on the bridge so that his back was against Billy's front and he was sitting in between Billy's legs. "Perhaps we should get a bigger flat. What are our accounts like at the minute? What do you think we could stretch to?"

"We're doing well," Billy replied, looping his arms around Dom's torso. "The wedding set us back a bit, but I had a lot saved up. We could afford a few hundred euro a month rent increase easily."

"Oh," Dom said, pleasantly surprised. "That's good. You know, we probably need to think about how many children we want, if we do manage to adopt. Just so that we don't move in somewhere too big or too small, you know? How many do you think?"

"One or two," Billy replied. "I can't do more than that, I think. What about you?"

"Well, as many as you want." Dom grinned. "So...one...or two? Because that's going to make a difference to bedroom space. And do you think we should buy a house, maybe? What if we end up adopting a disabled child? Will we need somewhere with wheelchair access? There's just so much to think about!"

"Well a house is a good investment, but I like being close to the shop. What if we waited a little while and bought a house that we could use for holidays? We'd do well on the investment, and we could rent it out most of the year. I don't think we should move on a new flat until we know who we're adopting."

"You're right," Dom said, bringing his knee up so that his foot was flat on the wall and lacing his and Billy's hands together. "As usual." He tilted his head back onto Billy's shoulder and smiled up at him. "And I love the idea of a holiday home. Maybe that could be a farmhouse?" he asked brightly, excited about the idea already. "Yeah, a farmhouse in the country with space for the kids to play outside and plenty of room for us to shag, of course..."

"Sure," Billy agreed with a grin. "Though we won't be able to shag very much when we have kids. Or we'll have to shag quietly, at least."

"We shall maintain a healthy sex life," Dom promised, squeezing Billy's hands. "I'm just going to be shoving my fingers in your mouth a lot more often." Dom grinned. "Even when we have kids, I'm not going to let us just...stop being us, you know? We're not just going to be parents."

"We shall, shall we?" Billy teased, laughing and nuzzling Dom's shoulder with his chin. "I'm pretty sure being a parent takes up almost all your time, though. We'll have to make Andy and Luce babysit from time to time."

"And Lou and Oliver, and Anabelle, and anyone else that's willing...I'd like to remain in the lifestyle to which I've become accustomed, you know." Dom giggled. "It will take up most of our time, yeah. But what about when they're in bed? Or before they're awake? Or when they're at football practice or when they've gone to stay with their Auntie Maggie or Uncle Matt for the week?"

"Lots of late night sex, then, and enroll them in as many extra-curricular activities as possible."

"Exactly," Dom said, laughing. "Oh, Bill, it's just going to be wonderful. We can go and watch them do stuff, and go to parents' evening, and have cuddles with all four of us on the settee..."

"I'll let parents' evening be your jurisdiction," Billy suggested, rubbing Dom's stomach gently through his jumper. "Though I am, you should know, a world-class cuddler." Smiling, he bit lightly at Dom's ear and rested his chin on Dom's shoulder.

"That you are," Dom agreed with a little nod, turning to brush his lips over Billy's. "And you are coming to parents' evening, you know. And any school plays and football matches and dance shows...we can be the token gay parents, won't that be nice?"

"Well all right," Billy replied. "I suppose I can handle that, but you do all the talking. You're all teacherly, you know what it's like from the other side of the desk."

"It's not hard. All you have to do is sit there and listen and ask any questions or raise any concerns if you have any. Jesus, the summer parents' evening was a nightmare...A lot of people were concerned about the fact that I was co-habiting with another bloke. But that's all in the past now, anyway. And they were just jealous."

"I'm sure they were," Billy replied, nibbling at Dom's shoulder. "The women, at least... and Rob and Phil. Isn't Jeanette's daughter at the school?"

"Yeah, poor lass. She got bumped up a year so she didn't have to come into my class. Jeanette never liked me. Never liked her much, either--wait! Did I not tell you about Rob and Phil?"

"Really? Well I wouldn't have wanted devil-child in my class, either. No, you told me about Rob and Phil. That's why they'd be jealous. Don't think their wives are letting them cohabit, do you?"

Dom snorted and shook his head. "Do you think I should send that picture?"

"Keep it in a drawer," Billy suggested. "That way if Jeanette ever shows up at the shop to rattle you again I can stuff it down her throat."

"Now see, this is the exact reason I married you," Dom said, laughing. "You're incredible. Right then, future. How about our future between the sheets? Is there anything you want? And pervy fantasy you haven't told me about?"

"I think you've pretty much dug up every pervy fantasy I could possibly have and not even know of," Billy pointed out, playing with the hem of Dom's jumper. "What about you?"

"Likewise," Dom replied, looking down at Billy's hands. "We should do roleplay again, though. That was fun."

"There was something we were thinking about for me, wasn't there? What was it?"

"There was?" Dom turned round and looked at Billy, a puzzled expression on his face. "I don't remember. Wait, was it...?" He thought hard then shook his head. "I can't remember."

Billy laughed and shook his head. "We really are getting old. Wait... wasn't I going to be a rentboy?"

"Oh!" Dom grinned. "I believe you were, whore. Can we dress you up?"

"Mm, that would take a lot of convincing," Billy warned, nipping at Dom's neck.

"You're forgetting exactly how persuasive this mouth can be."

"It is a very nice mouth," Billy whispered, tracing Dom's mouth with his fingers again.

"Mmm," Dom murmured, letting his jaw drop open. "You do like my mouth, don't forget. What do you like best? My arse, mouth or hands?"

"I like all three. It depends on the situation. Sometimes," Billy explained, tracing his fingers down over Dom's chin and neck, "I'm really fucking desperate and I just want you to stroke me off. Like that time in the loo. And other times you're just so pretty, and I want to fuck that pretty face, that pretty mouth... and then there are the times I want to make love to you, touch you everywhere, bury myself inside you..."

"Oh God," Dom groaned, his eyes flying shut. "You have to have the most sinfully sexual voice in the entire universe. It's amazing. You reduce me to this...mess of need in just a few sentences, it's fucking wonderful."

"I agree," Billy replied, stroking his hands now up and down Dom's sides and then to his chest, "because sometimes, you see, sometimes I just want to push you up against a wall and fuck you, hard as I can, fast as I can, remind myself that you're mine. It may not be my usual style, but it's good to have you needy at those times."

"Mmmm, Jesus," Dom gasped, nuzzling into Billy's neck, "I love being shoved up walls. Really. Could you tell?"

"Had no idea," Billy murmured, pushing his hips forward gently so that Dom could feel the erection starting to form and then looking at his watch. "Let's see. That's twenty minutes, none of the wine consumed, no waffles, and already I want to take you back upstairs and ravage you. Really, they should figure out a way to market you in pill form. It'd be far better than Viagra."

Laughing, Dom shook his head and hid his face in his hand, blushing again. "Get away," he mumbled, pushing back against Billy's hard-on. "You're bad for my ego, you."

"Oh please," Billy teased, licking Dom's neck obviously now. "Let me stroke your ego, sir. Just a little."

"Mmm, just a little then," Dom replied, grinning at Billy's tongue on his skin and parting his legs willingly, even if Billy didn't actually mean it.

Billy looked around quickly, and decided that his body shielded Dom enough from passersby that he could very quickly reach between Dom's legs and press his hand briefly to Dom's crotch.

"Think we'll still be doing things like this when we're old and grey, lad?"

"Course we bloody will," Dom replied, "We're us. If Lucy and Andy are still having oral sex when they're in wheelchairs then you can bloody well talk me into submission, can't you?"

"I hope so," BIlly replied, smiling and reaching for Dom's hands. "I really hope so."

For a moment, they sat in silence, looking out into the distance, and then Billy jumped up suddenly. "Dance with me."

Dom looked up and smiled, rising to his feet a bit slower than Billy had and then taking Billy's hands. "You know what I'm singing in my head?" he asked, in an obscure reference to their first date, wondering whether Billy would remember.

"Britney Spears?" Billy asked, grinning at Dom's glare and spinning him around in circles as he sang softly. "Your looks are laughable, unphotographable, yet you're my favourite work of art... It's not true, by the way. You look brilliant in pictures."

"Why thank you," Dom replied, grinning and twirling into Billy's chest. "As do you." He took the lead for a minute and led Billy around the bridge in a stumbling waltz, tripping occasionally and laughing between lines. "Is your figure less than Greek? Is your mouth a little weak? When you open it to speak, are you smiling?"

"Still am," Billy replied, slowing them down for a moment and pushing his lips to Dom's. "Always will be."

Dom sighed happily and rubbed their noses together, twirling Billy again and ignoring the looks, appreciative or otherwise, they were getting from the occasional passers-by. "But don't change a hair for me...Not if you care for me, stay, little Valentine, stay..."

"Every day," Billy whispered, stopping Dom completely and cupping his cheek, leaning down to whisper against his lips, "is Valentine's Day."
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