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Chapter Ninety-Nine: Good Morning, Sunshine

When Billy woke the next morning, he was surprised to find himself with a morning erection. After all, with the kind of orgasm he'd had the night before, not to mention the fact that he'd come twice in one evening, he wasn't expecting to get it up for at least twenty-four hours. But there it was, resting pleasantly in the curve of Dom's arse.

Laughing to himself, Billy gently pulled away from Dom, expecting the other man to rise when he felt movement. Instead, he just lay there, stiff as a log, snoring lightly. Billy rolled his eyes and went to the bathroom to pee and brush his teeth, again expecting the sound of the water to wake Dom. Once he'd finally got his erection down enough to urinate, though, and returned to the bedroom, Dom was still lying there as dead to the world as could be. Billy frowned, his cock perking up again at the way the light in the room fell across Dom's naked form, barely covered at all by the duvet, the curve of his arse plainly visible. He gave it a few strokes and then looked down at the giant box of lube, grinning as he formulated a plan.

He expected Dom to wake at the first finger, but the lad only shifted slightly in his sleep, mumbling incoherently, as Billy slid the finger coated with a lubricant that was supposed to "relax the muscles and make anal intercourse more pleasurable." Frowning, Billy peered at Dom's face, but he was definitely still sleeping, breathing slow and even. Moving his finger carefully to open Dom up, Billy avoided his prostate, and as soon as he could slipped another finger in. This time Dom moaned, and Billy was sure he was awake, but after a moment and no more response he realised Dom must be dreaming. Hmm. Will have to ask him about that dream later.

Once he was sure Dom was open enough not to hurt him, Billy slicked his own cock and gave it a few strokes, then pushed inside slowly, deciding that if Dom didn't wake from this he was going to get a serious inferiority complex.

"Mmm," Dom moaned, trying to roll over and then groaning in pleasure when the movement shifted something inside him.

Please don't let it be the dildo, please don't let it be the dildo...

"Bill?" he mumbled, opening his eyes a crack. "That's not the dildo, is it?"

"All right, now I'm offended," Billy murmured against Dom's shoulderblade, sliding his arm around Dom's torso and pulling Dom tighter back against him.

"Oh, thank God," Dom groaned, his eyes still not quite open. "What a fucking nice way to be woken up, God...which lube is this?" he asked around a yawn, shakily rising to his hands and knees.

"Some sort of muscle relaxant," Billy replied, tightening his grip and refusing to let Dom get up, wanting to keep him in a spooning position. "Are you going to apologise, lad?"

"What for?" Dom mumbled, frowning in confusion. "Oh! The dildo thing? Yeah, sorry. It's early. I'm in Belgium. Had some bloody brilliant sex last night, my mind's AWOL."

"Yes, I'm aware of that," Billy replied, smiling against the nape of Dom's neck. "I was there. But I still should hope I'm better than a thing made out of plastic and glitter."

"Oh. Yeah, Bill. So much better than the plastic glittery thing, God. Could you, uh, move? I like being fucked almost as much as...Nah, it's the best ever and I'd appreciate some activity."

"Demanding, are we?" Billy asked, smiling and pulling back slowly, then pushing back inside just as slowly until he was again buried to the hilt. "I don't know, I was thinking I'd take my time this morning, Mr. Boyd. Enjoy my new husband."

"Say what?" Billy asked. "That I want to take my time?"

"No," Dom said, rolling his eyes and clenching around Billy's cock. "My name. Our name."

"Ahh," Billy replied, recognition dawning as he pulled out and thrust in again. "You like that, do you Mr. Boyd?"

"Oh God, yes, very much," Dom replied hurriedly, stroking Billy's thigh.

"And tell me why you like it," Billy requested with another thrust. "Is it that you have proof now that you're mine, forever? Is it the fact that you know that I've been with other boys, but that no one else has ever taken my name, and no one else will? Do you like that?"

"Mmhmm," Dom whimpered, biting on the knuckle of his thumb and nodding. "Yes, Billy, all of that."

"Well I'm glad you like that, Dominic," thrust, "Bernard," thrust, "Patrick," thrust, "Luke," thrust, "Monaghan," thrust, "Boyd," he growled, biting Dom's neck hard with the last thrust. "Because you won't be getting away from me now, I'm afraid."

"Fuck!" Dom shouted, groaning loudly after the last thrust. "Oh, Billy, Jesus, that's just..."

"And just when I think I've discovered every kink you could possibly have, you surprise me," Billy murmured, taking Dom's cock in his hand and barely stroking, instead fucking Dom into it.

Dom moaned loudly at how everything felt and how Billy sounded, screwing his eyes shut as he pressed the back of his head into the curve of Billy's neck. "Fuck, Bill, I can't believe I'm getting off on my own name. Jesus, you're the most--oh, fuck, there!" He cried as Billy brushed over his prostate.

"There, is it?" Billy teased, sliding against the spot again as he moved his hand just a smidgen faster.

"Yeah." Dom gasped, throwing his head back again. "Right there."

"Mmm. That is nice, isn't it?" Billy murmured, pausing his stroking for a moment and using his hand on Dom's pelvis instead for leverage as he thrust a bit harder. "My beautiful, sexy, amazing husband," he added as he scraped his teeth along the side of Dom's neck. "Always ready for me."

"Oh, Bill," Dom whimpered, linking his fingers with Billy's. "I'm so glad I'm yours...so, so glad..."

"Good lad," Billy replied, nibbling at Dom's ear. "Such a very good lad."

"Your very good lad," Dom replied, pushing back onto Billy's cock. "Look, Billy, we're married," he said, sighing happily as their rings clacked against each other.

"Is that what that is?" Billy teased, wrapping his hand back around Dom's cock underneath Dom's hand, squeezing and stroking. "And here I thought you were just giving me a nice piece of jewellery. Got to marry a bloke just to get a ring these days, jeez."

"Stop mucking about," Dom muttered with a fond smile, smacking Billy's thigh. "Mm. That's really good."

"Yes, sir," Billy replied, smiling and swiping his thumb over the head of Dom's cock, drawing the fluid at the tip back down to make it easier to stroke hard and fast the way Dom liked it.

"Oh, Jesus, Billy," Dom said, breathing hard. "That's so fucking good, I don't think...are you close?"

"Not quite," Billy replied honestly, stroking Dom's cock even faster, his hand a blur as he scraped Dom's shoulder with his teeth. "Come for me, lad. I want you to come for me."

Dom wailed and nodded, his eyes screwing shut as he allowed himself just to feel until he arched into Billy's front and came, his mouth open as he continued to shake, groaning as he came down.

"Good lad," Billy whispered, kissing Dom everywhere he could reach as his hand slowed and finally came to a stop, stroking Dom's thigh instead. "Lovely lad."

"Oh, Billy," Dom murmured, twisting his neck and trying to see Billy, trying to kiss him. "That has to be the best way to get woken up."

Billy smiled and slipped out of Dom, helping him roll over so that they could kiss properly. "Mm. You were so dead to the world, I couldn't resist. I think you were having pleasant dreams, too," he added with a snicker.

"Think I was," Dom replied with a grin, pulling Billy down by his neck and kissing him messily again. "Come on, love. Finish."

Billy smiled and kissed Dom back, reaching between them to stroke himself off and humming happily into Dom's mouth.

"No, Bill," Dom protested, grabbing hold of Billy's wrist. "Inside me, come on."

"But you're tender," Billy protested, pressing his lips again to Dom's. "And I want to be gentle. Don't forget my good husband promises," he added with a little smile.

Dom giggled and shook his head. "Muscle relaxant lube, remember? Just avoid my prostate and we'll be fine. And you're forgetting I like it."

"Sure?" Billy asked, lowering his head and nibbling lightly around Dom's throat.

"Course I'm sure," Dom replied, stroking Billy's hair gently and parting his thighs until his feet were flat on the mattress. "Now stop hesitating."

Billy smiled and kissed Dom once more, then gently pushed him to the side. "On your belly," he instructed, and once Dom had turned over and parted his legs again, Billy sank in to the hilt, groaning happily. "See?" he murmured. "This way you can just relax."

"Yeah," Dom moaned, resting his head on his arms. "Good?"

"So good," Billy agreed, sliding slowly in and out as he kissed his way gently from one of Dom's shoulders to the other.

"Oh," Dom gasped, trembling. "I love how...love how you take care of me. I love it when you kiss me."

"I love kissing you. You always taste so nice, even when you're all sweaty, doesn't matter. Always delicious."

Dom smiled into the pillow and curved his back just slightly so that it bent upwards to meet Billy's mouth. "Charmer."

"I plea guilty," Billy agreed, smiling and sucking lightly on Dom's shoulderblade. "Mmm. Just a bit more lad, I'm sorry."

"Never apologise, Bill," Dom said quite seriously. "It's what you want, it's what you need and it's what I want as well."

"All right, lad," Billy replied, continuing to move at his usual pace, a bit slower than what Dom usually asked for, until he felt his orgasm begin to build. Continuing to trail his lips along Dom's skin, he sped his hips up a bit, tangling one hand in Dom's hair. "Ah... that's... really quite good."

"Really quite good?'" Dom repeated, arching an eyebrow. "You have to be the most adorable man this side of the Atlantic, you know that?"

"Well it is," Billy insisted, gasping a bit.

"You sound fucking brilliant when you do this, you know," Dom mumbled, pushing back onto Billy again.

"Do I?" Billy asked, moaning low in his throat when Dom's arse pushed up to meet him and letting his head hang, his hair brushing Dom's back.

"You do," Dom confirmed, nodding and clenching his arse. "Come on, love. Want to feel you."

"Ah," Billy moaned, "almost... fuck... there." With a few quicker thrusts, Billy finally released, his knuckles white as he gripped the bedsheets. "Jesus. It's actually nicer when you're married, innit?"

Dom burst out laughing and nodded. "If you say so. Just tell me that in ten years time when we're arguing about clearing up baby sick and how much petrol we have to put in the car."

"Aw. Do you think we'll be old and boring one day, Dommeh?"

"One day, Bill, yes," Dom replied, smiling as he turned over and pulled Billy to lie next to him. "And I'm very much looking forward to it."

"Well I suppose it's all right," Billy agreed with a smile and a kiss to Dom's temple. "Can't think of anyone else I'd rather be boring with, in any event."
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