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Chapter Ninety-Eight: Room Service and Bubblebath

"Mmm," Billy groaned happily as Dom rubbed his shoulders with deft fingers, taking a bite from the plate of food sitting on the wide edge of the bathtub and holding the wineglass back for Dom to take a sip, "we should do this every day."

"Ah, but then it'd lose all of its special...ness," Dom said, moving his thumbs down to dig into Billy's spine, rubbing in little circles. "I love your hair when its wet. It gets all..." Dom grinned and ruffled said hair so that it was sticking up every which way.

"Messy?" Billy asked, laughing. "Maggie used to make fun of me for it. Here. Have some fruit, fruit," he teased, holding back a peach slice.

"Bastard," Dom muttered, taking the offered peach with far more tongue than was necessary. "I suppose you could call it messy. I think it's lovely, though." Dom dipped his tongue into the post of melted chocolate then reached round, blindly rubbing it onto Billy's bottom lip. "Going to open you up with that in a bit."

"Is that safe?" Billy asked, not really caring all that much as he grabbed Dom's wrist and sucked on his fingers.

"What do you mean, 'is it safe?'" Dom asked with a little roll of his eyes, kissing the back of Billy's neck and groaning at the feel of Billy's tongue on his fingers. "I love how ever since you found out that was one of my kinks you do it at every available opportunity."

"I just mean chocolate," Billy explained, rolling his own eyes when Dom wasn't looking and letting his hand go with one more swipe of his tongue for good measure. "Not sure that's a hygenic lubricant, lad. That's all."

"Well I'm going to lick it out when I'm done, so you don't have to worry," Dom returned, grinning to himself as he dug his hands into Billy's shoulders again.

"Oh," Billy replied quietly, shivering. "Well that's all right then. Christ, that's good."

"What is? The thought, or this?" Dom asked, pressing the heels of his hands into Billy's shoulderblades, letting his fingertips rest on Billy's shoulders.

"I meant that," Billy replied, letting his head drop forward. "But both."

"Pretty thing, you are," Dom murmured, pressing open mouthed kisses to the curve of Billy's spine.

Billy frowned but kept his mouth shut, knowing Dom would just tell him he was wrong if he objected. "That feels good," he whispered.

"I'm glad," Dom replied, licking the wing of one shoulderblade and then the other, eventually letting his teeth graze over the side of Billy's neck. "What kind of lube do you think I should use to stroke you off?"

"We're in a bathtub," Billy pointed out. "Don't need lube."

"Am I going to be fucking you in the bath, then, love?" Dom asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Oh, well... no," Billy replied, frowning. "You can't expect me to concentrate when you're... doing that thing!"

"What thing? This thing?" Dom bit Billy's neck and sucked, ever so gently. "Which one then, Bill? We've got five hundred to use and they've got to have a use-by date."

"The touching me and scraping me with your teeth and making me perpetually horny thing, yes," Billy grumbled. "I don't know... use the warming one."

"We used that on New Year's, though," Dom said, making another barely-there mark just above the first. He trailed his fingers down Billy's back, tickling slightly, then moved them up again, stroking Billy's upper arms.

"All right then... I don't know, Dom. I'm hard and you're touching me and I want you. I can't make decisions at a time like this! You don't have to stroke me off, you know. Could just fuck me," Billy suggested, his tone a bit hopeful.

"I'm going to do both, love," Dom said, grinning and rubbing his nose into Billy's neck. "There's this one I found, though..."

"What does it do?" Billy asked, dipping his hands undner the water and stroking Dom's legs.

"It's got this tiny little beads inside it," Dom explained, sucking Billy's neck again for a moment, "and they burst when they come into contact with something. You can get it in warming..." he kissed the back of Billy's neck, "or cooling..." he stroked then held onto Billy's sides, "but I thought we might use the aphrodisiac one. It's got these things in it that heighten pleasure. What do you think?"

"I'm sceptical," Billy replied, "but I'm willing to give it a try."

"Alright, whatever," Dom replied, wrapping his arms right around Billy, his chest against Billy's back. "We've got to use it anyway..."

"I don't care what you use as long as you keep touching me, love. You feel so good."

"Oh, well that's alright then," Dom replied, smiling and kissing Billy's neck as he pressed his hard-on into the small of Billy's back.

"Oh," Billy murmured, sitting up straighter and pressing back into him. "You're hard, love."

"No shit, Sherlock," Dom muttered, grinning and sliding his hands down Billy's front until he reached his cock. "Oooh, look. So're you."

"Yes," Billy agreed, sighing as Dom's slick hands touched him. "Can we go to the bed now, love? I need you."

"Yeah," Dom agreed, kissing Billy once more then standing up, offering his hands to his husband. (Yay!)

Billy smiled and followed Dom out of the bath, pulling the drainplug out and then towelling them both off, bit by bit. When he got to Dom's lower half, though, he couldn't help sinking to his knees, looking up at Dom through his lashes as he dried off the other man's legs. "Can I?" he asked, nodding at Dom's cock. "Just a little?"

"Oh," Dom groaned, threading his hands through Billy's hair and nodding his consent. "Just a little."

"Thank you," Billy replied, smiling as he leaned forward, letting Dom's hands guide him, and swirled his tongue around Dom's hardening cock, sucking it lightly into his mouth bit by bit.

"Mmmm," Dom moaned, stroking Billy's hair and closing his eyes. "Don't thank me, love. I should thank you, you're brilliant at that."

Billy smiled to himself, glad he'd learned to do this properly, and ran his hands up Dom's legs, stopping at his hips and squeezing gently.

Dom removed one of his hands from Billy's hair and moved it onto his hip, linking their fingers together. "That's...oh, Billy, that's very good.."

Sucking a bit harder, not even caring that his teeth cut into his lip a little, Billy squeezed Dom's hand gently, keeping his eyes on his husband's.

"Yeah," Dom groaned, his fingertips digging into Billy's scalp, "oh, Bill, yeah, that's..."

Billy continued for a few more moments before pulling off, giving Dom a questioning look. "Do you want to come?"

"No," Dom replied, shaking his head and ignoring the slight trembling in his thighs. "Want to wait, love. Want to be inside you."

"All right," Billy agreed, rising carefully to avoid the creaks in his knees and giving Dom's wrist a little tug. "C'mon."

Dom swallowed and followed Billy into the bedroom, which, after having got all of the presents out of the way, was actually very plush and opulent with complimentary drinks in the minibar, which they both approved of. After a second to gather himself, Dom growled playfully then picked Billy up, running with him to the bed.

"Eek!" Billy shrieked as Dom tossed him onto the bed, bouncing and then dissolving into giggles. "You crazy man."

"Who's now your crazy husband, how about that?" Dom asked with a grin, pressing frantic little kisses all over Billy's face and neck, tickling him mercilessly.

"Mercy! Mercy!" Billy cried out.

"Beg properly," Dom demanded, his eyes glittering as he dug his fingers into Billy's sides, laughing as well.

"Please, please, I beg you, Mr. Dominic Bernard Patrick Luke Monaghan Boyd, please stop tickling me!" Billy gasped.

Dom burst out laughing and collapsed on top of Billy, his face tucked into Billy's neck. "That's just...not funny," he gasped, even though it clearly was. "Fuck, imagine my password if I'd have double-barrelled it."

"I think it's hillarious, actually," Billy replied, stroking Dom's neck. "I'm half afraid you'll leave me and remarry just so you can collect more names."

Giggling, Dom threw his leg over Billy's waist. "Nah. I'll never have as many names as Picasso so it's just not worth it, really."

"I suppose you're right. Lucky for me, huh?"

"Lucky for you indeed," Dom replied, kissing Billy gently. "Shit," he said, looking over Billy's shoulder at the clock on the bedside table, "it's three in the morning. Have we ever shagged for an entire night?"

"Well to be fair, I'm not sure this counts, love. I mean we shagged for half an hour, then we slept for a few hours, opened more presents, ate, bathed, and now we're hopefully going to shag again."

"What do you mean, hopefully?" Dom asked with a raised eyebrow, reaching down to take hold of Billy's prick and tug once, firmly. "I'd say it was definitely happening, wouldn't you?"

"God, please," Billy muttered.

"Sure you don't want to use the nice sparkly dildo?" Dom asked, grinning. "Have you ever used one before?"

"Dom, no one ever fucked me before you," Billy reminded him. "Or fingered me. I'm pretty sure that excludes dildos as well."

"Christ, don't remind me," Dom groaned, rolling onto his stomach and digging through the box of lube until he found the nice orange tube with the little beads inside it. "Ever use one on anyone else, then?"

"Never seen anything like it," Billy replied. "Just don't get disappointed if it doesn't work, lad."

"Ye of little faith," Dom remarked with a little grin, pecking Billy on the lips and taking the top off the lubricant. "On your back? Your front? Your side?"

"I'll start on my back at least," Billy suggested, lying back against the pillows. "Most comfortable."

"Okay," Dom said, smiling as he parted Billy's legs. He then squeezed some lube out onto his fingers and sighed happily at the aroma. "Smells nice, Bill," he informed Billy, holding his fingers up to Billy's nose.

"It does," Billy agreed, looking up at Dom. "Going to put it up my arse now, then?" he asked, just a wee bit impatiently.

"What? Like this?" Dom asked, sliding his forefinger into Billy's arse and wriggling it about. "Feel anything yet?"

"I feel your finger," Billy replied matter-of-factly. "And that in and of itself is kind of nice," he admitted.

"Oh," Dom mumbled, a little disappointed. "Well maybe it needs more time." He added more lube and a second finger, curling the tips of both against Billy's prostate.

"It's all right, lad," Billy replied. "I don't need an aphrodisiac to like you fucking me," he pointed out, sighing as Dom stroked his prostate and his arousal began to build again. He could feel the little bubbles popping inside him, but other than that nothing unusual. "Oh, that's good," he moaned, his hands fisting in the sheets. "Give us another."

"Another?" Dom asked, surprised, as Billy rarely asked for three fingers. "Your wish and all that..." He grinned and squirted more lube directly onto Billy's hole then pushed a third finger in, twisting them. "Good?"

"Oh God," Billy groaned, arching his back and squirming slightly around Dom's fingers. "'S good, love."

"Perhaps it's the lube, hm?" Dom asked, squeezing a little out onto Billy's chest then rubbing it over his nipples.

"It's not the bloody lube," Billy argued, though he still moaned as Dom rubbed his nipples, "you just feel - ah! - so good."

"You sure about that? Dom asked, using the palm of his hand, which was covered in the nice, fun lubricant which Matt would so be getting kisses for in the morning, to stroke Billy's cock a couple of times.

"Yes, I'm sure," Billy agreed, not linking the lubricant at all with the desperate need that was suddenly tickling his limbs. "God, Dom, please,," he moaned, pushing down on to Dom's fingers and then up into his hand.

"Please what?" Dom asked with a smirk, very glad he was getting the opportunity to tease now.

"Oh... Dom," Billy whined. "Please fuck me."

"Hmm, alright," Dom said, pushing up onto his knees, slicking his cock up and then withdrawing the fingers, burying himself inside Billy in one smooth thrust. "That what you want?" he asked, even though the lube had begun to affect him as well.

"Oh God," Billy exclaimed. "Yes, yes, please Dom, fuck me, please...need it..."

"Need it do you?" Dom asked, thrusting his hips in and out, bending Billy's legs back a little for a better angle. "There?"

"Yes... just like that... oh God... harder, please," Billy requested, holding his own calves so that Dom could use his hands to hold himself up.

"Oh, Christ," Dom groaned, pushing inwards harder so that the mattress sunk slightly under his and Billy's weight. "You feel incredible, Bill, I can't even..."

"Fuck," Billy groaned. "That's so... wait, wait," he suddenly requested, ignoring Dom's confused look as he withdrew and turning over, getting on his hands and knees and pushing his arse rather wantonly back at Dom. "Like this, you'll be able to go harder like this. Want to feel you come inside me, love, please. Want you to... hold me down and make me take it," he explained, even though Billy was obviously quite ready and willing.

"Oh, yeah?" Dom growled, knocking Billy's arms out from under him so that he collapsed onto his chest, leaving Dom able to hold him down by his wrists. "Want to be held down and fucked and told what to do, you little slut?"

"Dom," Billy gasped, his whole body on fire with arousal. "Yes, yes, please, Dom, please."

"Dirty little bitch," Dom whispered into Billy's ear, trying to keep the grin out of his voice as he drove into Billy's arse hard and fast. "Wanting me to take you like this on our wedding night...you should be ashamed of yourself."

"Ah!" Billy yelpled. "Oh God... oh God. Yes, oh God, yours, all yours, please..."

"You desperate...little...whore," Dom hissed, punctuating each statement with a hard, deep thrust. "Begging for my cock like the filthy tart you are...what if I stopped?" And with that, Dom halted all of his movement completely, save for a warning squeeze to Billy's wrists.

"No," Billy moaned, "no, please don't, please don't stop," he begged, squirming as much as he could underneath Dom as he was, trying to push up onto his cock. "Please, please, need to come for you Dom, need to come for you and then need you to keep fucking me, please, I'm begging you, take me, your whore, your slut..."

"Suppose that answers my question," Dom said, even though his brain had been reduced to basically nothing by Billy turning the tables on him. He withdrew then thrust in again, aiming for Billy's prostate. "Is that it?"

"Yes!" Billy practically shouted, pressing his face into the pillow. "Please, please, may I?"

"Not until I do," Dom murmured, biting Billy's ear and generally doing everything he could to shatter Billy's resolve.

"Oh God," Billy gasped. "Don't know if I... if I can..."

Dom just smirked and remained silent for a moment, thrusting in and out steadily. When Billy started trembling, Dom leant down to whisper into his ear. "Don't you fucking dare..."

"Oh God," Billy mumbled, only half audible against the pillows as he put every ounce of resolve he could into holding back. "Oh God, oh God..."

Grinning quite inanely, Dom rested his weight on one hand and used the other to stroke Billy's back, thigh and sides with his fingertips, then bent down and pressed several open mouthed kisses to his shoulderblades, thrusting relentlessly as he did so.

"Dom... it's... please!" Billy begged, every little touch like licks of pleasurable fire on his nervous system. "I'm so hard, love, so hard..."

"I know," Dom said, very close himself. "You're going to wait, though, William, no two ways about it."

"I will," Billy agreed, though he was practically delerious with need, "I'll wait."

"Good boy," Dom purred, grabbing hold of Billy's hips. "Very good boy. Such a perfect - ah! Perfect...OhfuckBillyI'mgoingtocome," Dom muttered before thrusting in one last time, his thighs shuddering as he came.

Billy considered himself very fucking lucky that Dom chose to come at that moment, because what with the words "good boy" and the way Dom grabbed his hips and how fucking turned on he was, he really didn't have any choice. "Dom!" he cried out impulsively, grasping the pillow hard as he pushed back onto Dom's still pulsing cock and came, harder than he had in weeks, actually months if he thought about it. "Oh God, oh God oh God, I'm still... still... ohhh," he moaned, the waves of orgasm finally subsiding so that he collapsed, completely spent, on the bed.

"And it definitely wasn't the lube?"

"It wasn't," Billy groaned into the pillow, flailing his hands weakly, "the lube!"

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