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Chapter Ninety-Seven: Gifts Aplenty

"Sure you don't want to blow me?" Billy suggested, pulling Dom into the suite backwards by the tie. "Not sure I can last longer than five seconds fucking you, I want you so bloody much..."

Kicking the door shut behind him, Billy pressed his lips against Dom's before he could answer, walking backwards in the vague direction of where he supposed the bedroom part of the suite was. Needless to say, he was rather surprised when, in his attempt to turn a corner, he stumbled over something, flailed his arms for a minute, and then landed flat on his arse in a pile of wedding presents.

"Bloody Christ!" Billy exclaimed. "Did they have to put those there?"

Dom let out a pained moan then sat down next to Billy on the floor, looking around them. "It's very nice of them and everything but...Fuck, look, they've put stuff on the bed as well..."

"Ten quid says it's Andy and Matt who arranged that," Billy muttered, kicking half-heartedly at a box.

"Ten quid says you're right," Dom said, resting his head on Billy's shoulder and his hand on Billy's thigh. "I love you really a lot, you know. I can't believe we're married!"

"I can't believe we're married and people put boxes on our bed," Billy grumbled, but he picked up the nearest one and opened it anyway. "Bookends. Well these will be good for organising at least."

Dom followed suit and reached for the box nearest to him. "Oooh, look, uh...it's a clock. Made out of wood. And it looks like a foetus. That'll look nice in the, uh...bin."

Billy burst out laughing, pushing his face into Dom's neck. "Next one. Five quid says toaster... oh! Blender! I lose."

"You do. What's this?" Dom unwrapped his next present. "Ooooh! Fondue kit, thankyou very much!"

"Sweet! Though I almost feel like we should give it to Lou and Oliver... okay what on earth is this thing? Electric teamaker? Haven't they ever heard of a kettle?"

"We can keep it in case of emergencies," Dom said with a grin, kissing Billy's cheek. "Hmmm, now we have...a Bible. Splendid. Why did we invite these people to our wedding? Why did we not ask for vouchers?"

"I would've tried, but Maggie would think it was tacky, I'm sure," Billy replied, laughing as he unwrapped a set of Rocky Horror Picture show themed potholders. "Look at this! And they're not even from Matt."

"Wow!" Dom exclaimed, clapping his hands. "A lot better, definitely!"

"I have an idea," Billy suggested. "Let's go open the ones on the bed. And when we finish, we can use the bed for... other purposes. Sound good?"

"See now, this is why I married you. What number was your intelligence, now?" Dom stood up and grinned, pulling Billy up as well.

"Hell if I know," Billy replied, rolling his eyes and rubbing his sore arse with one hand. "I think the fall bruised me," he pouted.

"Oh, sweetheart, I'll make it better," Dom promised with a smile, leading Billy over to the bed. "Or you know, I'll just bruise you even more."

"You wound me," Billy replied dramatically, grabbing the first box. "Oh look, from Matt, big surprise there..." Billy tore open the wrapping a little more messily than usual, as it wasn't done very well anyway, and then groaned at the giant box of assorted lubricants. "Five hundred different types... I didn't even know there were five hundred different types."

"Oh, wow," Dom gasped in between manic giggling, his face in his hands. "Let's see what else there is...Oh, Lucy and Andy..." Dom tore the paper off and grinned when he saw the shoebox full of cuffs, chain, leather cord and various other restraints, as well as a couple of gags. "Aren't our friends brilliant?"

"I think our friends are laughing very hard right now at our expense," Billy replied, groaning when he opened the box from Lou and Oliver. "Well at least this is a bit tamer," he reasoned, holding up the gift box with massage oils, bubble bath, scrubbing mits, scented candles and a bottle of wine.

"Aw, now that's lovely," Dom said with a smile, cocking his head to the side. "Do you want to see what Anabelle got us?"

"I'm almost terrified to even look," Billy replied, watching warily as Dom opened the box. "Oh God," he groaned when he saw a very, very sparkly pink dildo, that also happened to be very large and apparently vibrated. "Don't touch it, she might have used it!"

By now, Dom was hysterical, lying half across the bed, holding onto his stomach. "Oh, fucking hell! I'd love it if it wasn't for the fact that I fucking hate dildos."

"I think even someone who loved dildos would be afraid of that," Billy muttered, kicking the dildo away. "Why do you hate dildos, anyway?" he asked curiously, rolling onto his stomach with his chin in his hands.

"I just...do," Dom said with a shrug. "They're big and plasric and weird and they look horrible as well. Is that it? The presents have gone? We can shag now?"

"One more. Oh God, Maggie. Please tell me my sister did not get us lubricant, or a dildo, or... Here, you open it."

"I'm not sure I want to," Dom said, taking the package and closing his eyes as he ripped the paper off. "Oooh, look! Satin sheets! Just like you wanted..."

"Oh, that's nice..." Billy smiled and held the sheets up to his cheek. "Soft."

"You're so lovely," Dom said, smiling fondly and stroking Billy's cheek, his hand next to the satin. "I'll even wash the sheets for you, if you want them on the bed."

"Well we'll use them at some point. Soo..." Billy grinned and stroked Dom's cheek. "I believe we had some plans for the evening?'

"I think we did, yes," Dom agreed, grinning wickedly as he pushed Billy onto his back then straddled him. "So what did you think of my kilt, Bill?"

"I thought very highly of your kilt," Billy purred. "Still do, in fact." Grinning mischeviously, Billy trailed his hand up Dom's thigh underneath the kilt.

Dom grinned as well and rubbed his hands over Billy's chest. "I'm glad to hear it. Going to show me how highly you think of my kilt?"

"Oh yeah," Billy agreed, sighing at Dom's touches and then flipping Dom over quickly so that he was on the top, loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt.

"Mmm," Dom said, a slow smile coming over his face. "I think you might just have the sexiest body in the world, Bill, did you know?" He continued to stroke Billy's chest, letting the tips of his fingers brush, ever so lightly, over Billy's nipples.

"Highly unlikely," Billy replied with a little smile. "What about the boys in the Marais? What about your stripper? What about... Freddie Mercury?"

"Boys in the Marais were probably on drugs. I don't like drugs. My stripper was from Edinburgh. We don't like Edinburgh. Freddie Mercury had a moustache and, well, just no."

"Edinburgh? You didn't tell me he was from Edinburgh!" Billy exclaimed, peeling Dom's shirt off his shoulders and running his hands up to tweak Dom's nipples before moving back down to Dom's fly. "Bastard."

"Oi! I said we don't like Edinburgh!" Dom said with a grin, reaching down to grab Billy's cock as a bizarre sort of retaliation.

"He's the bastard, not you," Billy clarified as he pushed into Dom's hand, getting said fly undone and stroking Dom's cock firmly.

"Oh, fuck!" Dom shouted, arching his back and promptly forgetting about strippers and Freddie Mercury. The reaction was expected--after all, Dom had barely touched himself or Billy, for that matter, in a week.

"Good?" Billy asked, pulling Dom's own hand away and pinning it over his head. He was pretty sure if he didn't do so, he would come before he ever would manage to get his cock in Dom's arse.

"Oh, Christ, yes," Dom replied, nodding breathlessly and pushing up into Billy's hand. "Please, Bill, just fuck me."

"Mm, let's see. Five hundred different varieties of lubricant, what do you think?" he asked, looking at the box. "Warming? Cooling? Strawberry-flavoured?"

"Let's try cooling," Dom said with a big grin, holding Billy's thighs under his kilt and appreciating the strength he felt there.

"All right," Billy agreed, smiling as he opened the box. "Ooh, look, they're all organised in trays! Let's see... cooling...cooling... ah, here it is."

Dom burst out laughing and squeezed Billy's knee. "You know, I may just organise all of our bondage gear for your birthday. I'm so amused that organisation turns you on."

"What? It's organised! It's... right, and all put together like, and... I don't know. I like things to be in order, is that so wrong?" Billy asked, squeezing some of the lubricant onto his fingers and sliding them inside.

"Ohhhh," Dom groaned, pushing his hand up into Billy's wrist. "Oh, fucking Hell, Billy, that feels so good," he said, promptly forgetting about Billy's little organisation fetish.

"Pretty lad," Billy murmured. "You need to come, don't you?"

Dom whimpered and nodded, writhing on the bed as the lube started to tingle. "Need you inside me, Bill, please, now, oh fuck..."

"Thought you liked me talking, lad," Billy whispered, feeling his fingers cool inside Dom's body and knowing it had to be all the more acute for him. He wrapped his other hand around Dom's cock again, but this time over the kilt, letting the fabric of his tartan surround Dom's cock.

"Jesus!" Dom shouted, his hands fisting in the bedsheets. "I love you talking. Don't ever think I don't love that. Fuck..."

"Mm, you're so gorgeous like this. Love you, lad."

"Love you too," Dom gasped, craning his neck so he could kiss Billy. "You're so amazing, Bill, I just..."

"I know, lad," Billy murmured against Dom's lips, curling his fingers against Dom's prostate. "I know."

"Ahhhh!" Dom screeched, using his free hand to grasp hold of Billy's shoulder. "Get inside me, Billy, right now."

"Is that what you want?" Billy murmured fondly, stroking Dom's cheek.

"I swear to God," Dom growled, grabbing the lube off Billy and hiking his kilt up so that he could rub the lube over Billy's cock. "You don't tease a desperate man." He flipped Billy over and then straddled him again, sinking down onto his cock and groaning loudly.

"I'm not... oh fuck," he moaned, "teasing."

"You were," Dom argued, grinning all the same as he lifted himself up on his knees then thrust down again, hard. "Ah, God, I missed this." It was then that Dom realised he still wasn't undressed, prompting him to undo his tie and unbutton his shirt quickly, letting it fall off his shoulders but not come off completely.

"Ahh... me too. Faster lad, God... I need to come..."

Nodding, Dom started to move faster then reached under his kilt to take hold of his own cock, whimpering when the lube made it tingle. "Oh, this is just...just incredible, Bill, I..."

"God, yes... come down here, lad, let me kiss you," Billy requested, reaching up to wrap his hand around the back of Dom's neck.

Dom did as he was told and leant down, his arse and hips continuing to move, even as he slid his tongue into Billy's mouth and kissed him wetly.

Billy moaned loudly into Dom's mouth in turn, his hands moving restlessly up and down Dom's legs and up his back.

"Mmmm." Dom pulled away and kissed Billy's cheek, tugging furiously at his prick. "You're close, aren't you?"

"Yes," Billy answered honestly, reaching forward and wrapping his hand around Dom's. "Let me come and I'll suck you off, lad. And we can rest and order in room service and later you can fuck me."

"You sure?" Dom asked with a little groan, screwing his eyes up and hissing when he moved and Billy's cock rubbed against his prostate.

"Yeah," BIlly agreed. "Just... God, that's so nice. Makes my prick tingle."

"God bless Matt," Dom agreed, kissing Billy again then kneeling up so that Billy's cock slid free. "Calm down," he said when Billy started to grumble, smiling reassuringly. Dom flopped onto his back then bent his legs backwards, pulling Billy on top of him. "Fuck me, Bill."

"Don't have to tell me twice," Billy replied with a boyish grin, slipping his cock back inside Dom and holding his arms over his head again, the front of his kilt rubbing against Dom's cock.

"Oh Jesus," Dom breathed, pushing back onto Billy's cock, "harder, Bill."

"God," Billy groaned, pushing harder into Dom, pinning his wrists firmly to the mattress.

"Oh, yeah," Dom groaned, flexing his arm muscles against Billy's wrists.

"Lovely lad," Billy murmured, folding Dom's legs further back and using his arms to brace them. "So close..."

"Oh, that's it, Bill," Dom murmured, kissing Billy again, breathing heavily now. "That's it, yeah."

Gasping, Billy pushed his face into Dom's neck and nibbled lightly at it.

"You feel so good," Dom whispered, tilting his neck so that Billy could bite it some more. "Mark me, Bill, come on."

"Naughty boy," Billy murmured, biting down hard. "Always such a naughty boy for me. Christ..."

Dom's insides twisted and he cried out and nodded. "Yeah," he mumbled, a bit too far gone to make much sense, and, to his surprise, quite close to coming himself. "Bill. Hang on another minute and I can...I can come with you."

"Oh," Billy gasped, slowing down and reaching for Dom's cock. "All right, love."

Grinning, Dom rubbed his nose over Billy's chest and stroked up and down Billy's arms, squeezing gently.

"Lovely boy," Billy murmured, nibbling lightly over the bruise he'd raised as he stroked Dom's cock firmly and quickly. "Tell me when you're close."

"Okay," Dom said, pushing up into Billy's fist. "Love you so much."

"You too, Dommeh. You're so beautiful when you're under me. Or on top of me," he added with a little grin.

Dom grinned back and cupped Billy's face in his hands. "Today was amazing," he whispered, bringing their lips together and moaning as Billy's hand tightened. "Close."

"Mm, good boy," Billy replied, smiling and kissing Dom hard as he started moving faster again, concentrating hard on the effort of holding back.

"Oh fuck," Dom moaned when Billy hit his prostate, possibly accidentaly. "I think...I think I'm going to-" And with that, Dom arched his back and came, clenching around Billy's cock as he did so.

"Oh God," Billy gasped, still holding one of Dom's wrists tightly as he came, pushing into Dom until he ran out of strength and collapsed on top of him. "Shit," he muttered into Dom's shoulderblade. "We forgot to do the carrying over the threshold bit."

"Oh, bugger," Dom said, giggling. "We can do it when we get home. Isn't that what you're meant to do?"

"Oh, is it?" Billy asked, laughing as well. "Then I guess we're all right."
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