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Chapter Ninety-Five: Party Party

"Here they come, here they come!!" Byrony shouted, running around with her little hands full of rainbow-coloured confetti and spilling more than she held on to.

Sure enough, the limousine was pulling up outside the hotel, to which everyone else had hurried in a caravan, figuring Dom and Billy wouldn't actually notice if their driver took the "long way" into Ghent city centre.



"You're now officially domesticated ponces!"


Laughing as they ran through the gauntlet of their friends, Dom and Billy were showered with plenty of confetti, much of which ended up in Billy's hair.

"Oh God. I'm covered in rainbows," he gasped. "I'm rainbow-fied."

"Yay!" Dom squealed, jumping up and down and clapping his hands. "We're all pretty, look, Bill!"

Dom grinned and grabbed hold of Billy, kissing him again for the benefit of their photographer more than anything. "I'm so happy!" he shouted, throwing his head back and making everyone laugh.

"Are you sure we have to put more sugar in him?" Billy asked doubtfully. "Aureen, could you hide the cake, please?"

"Cake!!" Byrony squealed.

"Oh God, there's two of them."

"I like cake, too," Matthew chimed in.

"They're multiplying! Help, help!"

"They're Monaghans," Aureen replied with a shrug, "Monaghans like cake."

Dom grinned and wrapped his arms round Billy's waist, shuffling into the main room with Billy pressed against his front. "Boyds like cake as well, don't we, Bill?"

"I'm just sayin', we're not going to be able to get you to sleep at all tonight. Though... actually..."

Dom growled and bit Billy's ear, then gasped when they walked into the main room, with its chairs that had had white throws placed over them and tartan bows tied around the seats. The tables were all beautifully laid and rainbow balloons had been tied to the back of Billy and Dom's chairs, much to Dom's delight. "Bill, look!"

"Wow. They gay-ed our table," Billy exclaimed, though he was smiling out of the corner of his mouth and gave Dom's cheek a kiss, knowing how much he would like it.

"Isn't it great?" Dom exclaimed, bouncing up and down then pulling Billy into the room. "Oh my God, we're married! I'm Mr. Boyd!"

"You are indeed," Billy agreed, and then suddenly started giggling. "Hey you know how some people go by a middle name? Can I start calling you Bernard Boyd?"

"No you can't!" Dom said, shoving Billy playfully. "Do I look like a Bernard to you?"

"I don't see why not... Bernard... maybe a Ralph?"

"Gustavo!" Andy suggested helpfully, coming up behind them.

"Leave me be, you horrible men!" Dom said, even though he couldn't quite keep the grin off his face.

"Fine then, I suppose I'll just have to take first dance with Billy," Andy replied, trying to tug him away by the elbow.

"No!" Dom wailed, dragging Billy back and giving Andy a little kick to his shin. "He's legally mine now, aren't you, love?"

"I'm afraid I am," Billy admitted with a sigh in Andy's directions. "Many apologies, cheri, but I'm afraid we can no longer see each other. My heart is with Dominic now."

"Woe!" Andy exclaimed, pretending to faint into the arms of a giggling Lucy, who'd just caught up with them. "I must take to my bed to mourn the occasion."

"Yaaaay!" Dom picked Billy up and twirled him around, making the rest of their guests, who had all just come through the door, laugh at them. "What do we do now?" Dom asked as he put Billy down, bouncing up and down.

"Well I believe it's time for you to have your first dance," Aureen replied.

"Yeah, so the rest of us poor sods can get our groove on. We're not allowed till you go first," Matt added.

"Matthew, go cue up the music and quit pestering your btother."

"Yes, mum."

"Come here then, you," Dom said with a little grin, tugging Billy towards him and pressing their bodies together once they were in the middle of the dancefloor. Everyone else congregated around them, cameras at the ready. "Remember the first time we danced to this?" he asked as Matt fiddled with the music.

"Of course I do," Billy replied, wrapping his arms around Dom's waist instead of a more formal dance position. "How could I forget?"

"Well, Alzheimer's," Dom said with a little grin before he looped his arms around Billy's neck and brought their lips together as the song started.

"Shut it, you," Billy grumbled against Dom's lips, leading him around in a kind of slow, shuffling waltz not nearly as impressive as their normal dancing abilities so that he could keep as close as possible.

Dom giggled and kissed Billy again before moving his head to rest on Billy's shoulder. "Love you, you know."

"You don't say?" Billy teased, nuzzling Dom's cheek with his nose as flashbulbs went off to one side of them. "Hey look, your mum's crying again."

"I can't look at her," Dom said, "I'll start crying again and it's just not attractive."

"Well I think you're both adorable, personally. I just want Matt to start crying so I can make fun of him."

"Oh, I think he will," Dom said, his eyes wrinkling as he smiled. "He's worried about his speech and despite all evidence to the contrary he's a big softie on the inside." Dom kissed Billy again and rested their foreheads together. "You are so beautiful."

"Am not," Billy argued, blushing as his eyes dropped. "Not like you."

Dom put a finger underneath Billy's chin and lifted his face back up. "Yes. Yes you are, and don't ever doubt that."

Billy smiled and pressed his lips to Dom's, tightening his arms around Dom's waist as the song came an end. "...so don't change a hair for me," he sang along softly, "not if you care for me. Stay, little valentine, stay."

"Each day is Valentine's day," Dom finished, kissing Billy as their guests burst into spontaneous applause.

"Awww! Can we dance now, mummy?" Byrony squeaked.

"Not quite yet, dear," Dom's aunt replied, holding her back by the shoulder as Austin stepped on the dance floor.

"So seeing as there's a lack of a bride here, maybe I should ask you to dance, Dominic. But I've heard Billy's a better dancer, and I don't want you stepping on my toes. What do you say, Billy? Think you can follow?"

Billy burst out laughing and then shrugged his shoulders. "I can give it a try, sir."

Dom squealed and clapped his hands together as Billy and Austin awkwardly got into a position. "Are you getting this on film, Matt?" Dom asked as he scurried over.

"Of course I am," Matt muttered out of the corner of his mouth as the two men tried to dance, more or less suceeding but occasionally having a laugh when Billy would try to step the wrong way. "And your voice is going to be on the video."

"Oh, yeah, oops," Dom said with a little grin, whispering into the microphone. "Love you, Bill!"

"Billy looks completely out of his element, doesn't he?" Aureen whispered, sidling up to Dom and squeezing his upper arm. "I can guarantee you he's never had to learn to follow."

Dom just grinned and wrapped his arm around his mum's shoulders, pulling her in for a cuddle, kissing the top of her head. "You're the best mam in the world," he said, quite honestly, squeezing her again as they watched Billy and Austin.

"And you're the best son," Aureen replied automatically, clucking at Matt when he turned to glare at her. "Eye on the camera, Matthew."

"Yes ma'am," Matt said, rolling his eyes. "I'm so unappreciated."

"Aw, no you're not. Here, mum, have the camera." Dom handed his mother the camera and then wrapped his arms around his brother in a big bear hug, keeping his face turned towards the camera. "See, look? Me and the best brother in the world who picks nice poems to read at his brother's wedding and doesn't lose the ring."

"Yeah, I didn't lose the ring, did I? A hundred points to Matthew Monaghan!"

"I didn't lose the ring either!" Andy piped up, dragging Lucy along behind him. "Do I get points?"

"Yeah, you get points," Dom said with a fond grin, ruffling Andy's hair.

He turned to watch Billy and Austin dancing, ignoring Matt when he turned the camera onto him. Smiling widely when the song finished, Dom rushed forward and swept both Billy and Austin into a hug. "Love you both," he whispered, kissing each of them in turn.

Billy smiled, slightly embarassed, and gave Dom a one-armed hug. "Thanks for the dance, sir."

"Austin, Billy, how many times do I have to tell you?"

"Right, sorry. Thanks, Austin. Hey, has anyone seen Byrony? She'll want to dance now, I'm sure."

As if on cue, Bryony came rushing up and flung herself around Billy's legs. "Uncle Billy! I want to dance with you!"

Dom burst out laughing and grinned widely, bending down to kiss her cheek. "What do you say then, Uncle Billy? Care for a dance with the wee one?"

"I'd be honoured," Billy agreed, sweeping her up into his arms and humming along with the music as they spun wildly around the floor, clearing a path between the people who were starting to dance with a trail of giggles behind them.

"Mr. Monaghan!" Mary Craig cried out, running over from her father in her little tartan dress. "Can I dance with you?"

"Of course you can, sweetheart!" Dom exclaimed, smiling and pulling her into a hug. "Tell you what, stand on my feet." She did, laughing. "Now take my hands, lovely, there we go. We can dance properly now, can't we?" Dom grinned and started a clumsy turn about the room, laughing along with Mary as they nearly fell over. "You know, you should just call me Dom now, Mary, seeing as I'm not your teacher and Mr. Monaghan isn't my name anymore."

"Oh, okay," Mary agreed. "Well I could call you Mister Boyd, now, couldn't I? But I don't call Mister Billy that. So I'll call you Mister Dominic. Is that all right? Daddy says no calling grownups by first names. It's not polite."

"You call me whatever you like, Mary," Dom said with a genuine smile.

He twizzled her about the room a couple more times until the song came to an end and she jumped down off his shoes. "I'm going to go and find Bryony," she told him before tearing off, leaving Dom free to run back to Billy.

"Enjoy your dance?"

"Aye, but I must say, dancing with the wee ones gives your arm muscles a bit of a workout," he admitted, rubbing his shoulders and giving Dom a peck on the lips. "Might have a bit of difficulty carrying you over the threshold tonight."

"Then I'll carry you over," Dom promised, kissing Billy back. "I got Mary to stand on my feet. My arms are fine. Fancy another dance?"

"All right," Billy agreed, wrapping his arms around Dom's waist again. "As long as I can dance like this, I'm good."

Dom tutted and pulled Billy closer so that you could barely tell where Dom ended and Billy began. "Twirling our niece about and doing yourself an injury..." he mumbled with a little roll of his eyes, grinning all the same.

"What? I'm trying to be a good Uncle Billy!"

"I'd rather you be a good Mr. Boyd," Dom said, arching his eyebrow suggestively as he slid his thigh in between Billy's legs. "I want you fully able to fuck me tonight, and I want you fully able to be fucked as well."

"Oh fuck yes," Billy muttered, feeling Dom's thigh pressing up against his groin. Suddenly it was no wonder the tango was such a popular dance. "I'll recover, I promise. And if not," he added very quietly, giving Dom a challenging look, "you can ride me."

"I fully intended on doing that anyway," Dom returned just as quietly, moving his thigh against Billy's crotch as he was tilted back.

"Oh," was all Billy could say to that, willing away his hard on and at the same time enthusiastically blessing whoever the kinky bugger was who first got the idea of a sporran. "Maybe tomorrow I'll have you on your back."

"Maybe you'll have me on my back tonight," Dom purred, nibbling on Billy's jaw, their exchange overtly sexual. "I haven't had sex in a week, see, nor have I had a wank."

"You and me both," Billy reminded him. "You do realise the minute we're behind a locked door I'm not going to last more than five minutes, right?"

"You're forgetting I've packed your cock ring," Dom whispered with a wicked little laugh, pressing his thigh upwards, hard. "And don't think I'll hesitate to use it."

"Aw, Christ," Billy murmured. "Would you really torture me so?"

Dom seriously considered that for a moment and then shook his head, smiling. "Nah. I'd let you come on my face then make you lick it off or something."

"Oh fuck," Billy exclaimed, just as the song ended. "Hey look, food!" Sure enough, the Perraudin staff had just finished setting up a buffet of treats at one end of the room. "Food is distracting," he muttered half to himself, pulling Dom along by the wrist.

Dom giggled and, not for the first time, blessed his sporran.


"What?" Andy asked, his plate already piled high with food, a crabstick sticking out of his mouth,

"The food is for everybody, you know."

"I know! I'm just testing it... making sure it's not poisoned or sommat."

Lucy just rolled her eyes and put some food on her own plate, pushing Andy towards one of the tables after kissing both Dom and Billy.

"Congratulations!" Lou and Oliver said together as they ran up to where the married couple were standing. "You both look wonderful!"

"Thank you," Billy replied as Dom had already started to pile up his plate with food. "We're so glad you could make it."

"Oh, wouldn't miss this for the world!" Lou said, ruffling Billy's hair, figuring it was okay since Dom had already made a stunning mess of it during the limo ride. "Your sister's such a sweetheart as well, Billy, we've had a really nice chat."

"Oh God," Billy groaned, "What has Maggie been telling you about me? It's all lies. All lies."

"Oh, it's nothing like that!" Lou said, rolling her eyes. "We've been talking about how perfect you are for one another, actually, being generally disgusting and reminiscent. Oh, I told her about when you lost your job, Dom, and how Billy came and took care of you."

"Please tell me you didn't. That's not a side of me I'd like my sister-in-law to know about," Dom said, a smile playing about his lips.

"What, that you got fantastically drunk?" Billy asked with a little grin. "Don't worry, Maggie's done that too, many a time."

"More the fact that I tried to kill Andy, but yeah, the drunk thing too," Dom replied, grinning and squeezing Billy's arse as he leant over for the dips, just because he could.

"Eh, Andy got over it," Billy replied, smacking Dom's hand playfully.

"Andy's resilient," Oliver agreed. "Hey Lou, look! Fondue!"

"Oh, God yes," Lou muttered enthusiastically, making a beeline for the melted chocolate and assorted fruits laid out beside it.

"Fondue's her favourite," Oliver informed Dom and Billy, rolling his eyes as he noticed the cheese fondue that Lou had overlooked in her chocolate blindness. "We had it on our first date and I do my best to make it her on our anniversaries. I usually burn everything, though."

"You should get one of those easy plug-in fondue pots," Billy suggested. "I hear they're pretty excellent."

"They do plug-in fondue pots?" Oliver asked, clearly amazed. "Christ, don't tell her, that's her birthday present sorted," he said as he wandered off to stand next to Lou, his eyes wide.

Billy laughed and was about to make a comment to Dom when someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and found himself face-to-face with Dom's gran.

"I always knew he'd do well marrying a William," she said, grinning brightly and reaching forward to take his face in her hands, giving each cheek a kiss before letting him go. "Congratulations, love."

"Thank you, ma'am."

"Alright, nana?" Dom asked, grinning widely at her comment then bending down to kiss her as well. "Enjoying the day?"

"Of course, dear, everything's lovely. I thought the ceremony was beautifully done, and your singing voice, Billy - brought tears to my eyes."

"We tend to cry a lot, Don't we, nana?" Dom asked, leaning over to kiss his grandad as well before hugging his nan.

"We've always been the same," she said with a big smile, patting the side of Dom's face. "Are you boys going to dance with me later on, then?"

"Of course," Billy agreed, "though Dom might be the better dancer at the moment. Your granddaughter gave me a bit of a workout."

"Oh, that was absolutely delightful, Billy," Dom's nan said, clasping his hand. "I've had a word with the photographer and we're getting a picture of you and Byrony dancing together to go on the wall at home, aren't we, Bill?"

"That's right," Dom's grandad agreed. "Probably along with several more photographs, I'd imagine."

Dom looked at Billy and then handed him his plate of food, wrapping both of his arms around his grandparents and hugging them tightly. "I've got the best family in the world," he informed them, all emotional before he pulled away and took the plates off Billy so that he could get hugged as well.

"Well that's quite a treat, then," Billy said as he hugged each of Dom's grandparents. "You didn't tell me I was marrying into the best family in the world. What a pleasant surprise!"

Dom pulled a face and gave him a shove, pulling him close for a kiss directly afterwards.

"We'll leave you boys to it," Dom's nana said, taking her husband's hand and walking off.

"What's that?"

"It's food, Bill, don't be so suspicious."

"It's French."

"Eat it, you silly old fool..."
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