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Note to Our Readers

Dear Readers of V and RC's Fiction,

This is Vikki here with an update about our stories. I want to let you know that our index is now separate from my own fic index, and so you can find all of our stories here. I will eventually upload them to AO3 as well, and will let you know when that happens, but for now, that link there is the only currently updated index to our fiction. The old link that I use for Previous Chapters in the MsiP headers is no longer updated.

We're currently posted to chapter 11 of 12 in MsiP, and chapter 93 of 100 in Librairie. We have quite a lot of written, but unedited, work to be posted, and I look forward to getting that up because it's, well, better, than the stuff we wrote three years ago. If you have any feedback, suggestions, etc. for us about what you'd like to see her, please feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks as always for reading!
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